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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Patent IPR Licensing- Technology Commercialisation – Innovation Marketing : Guide Book for Researchers, Innovators

My new book:
The guide book by Indian Innovators Association will help researchers and innovators to clearly understand the difference between patent licensing, technology commercialization and innovation marketing. Everything is important but each one is different. Intellectual property is a common thread and the reader is taken through the fundamentals of IPR before explaining each of the three. topics.

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Revised Guidelines for Computer Related Inventions

Government released revised guidelines on June 30th. It replaces guidelines issued in February 2016.
Means plus Function: The claims concerning CRIs are often phrased in means for performing some function such as means for converting digital to analog signal etc. These types of claims are termed as means +function format. The „means‟ mentioned in the claims shall clearly be defined with the help of physical constructional features and their reference numerals to enhance the intelligibility of the claims. The claims in means plus function form shall not be allowed if the structural features of those means are not disclosed in the specification. Further, if the specification supports performing the invention solely by the computer program then in that case means plus function claims shall be rejected as these means are nothing but computer programme per se. Where no structural features of those means are disclosed in the specification and specification supports performing the invention solely by the software then in that case means in the “means plus function” claims are nothing but software.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Best Engineering Technologies

Wide range of process plants:

Herbal Extraction Process Line:
Manufacturing of a wide range of herbal extraction process lines. These plants are used for extracting various herbal extracts from parts of plant or tree, including leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, roots and shrubs. Herbal Extraction Plant Aloe Vera Processing Plant Amla Processing Plant 

Steam Distillation Plants:
Designed to give max yield of Oil at low cost of fuel & for high quality of oil. Installed more than 70 plants in India and Abroad. We can supply any capacity of plant as per customer requirement. Plants can be supplied with wood, gas, electrical and diesel fired boilers. Aromatic Oil Distillation Aromatic Oil Distillation Plant in M.S. Plant in S.S. Specially Designed 50 / 100 Kg Capacity Distillation Plant Distillation Plant 

Food Processing Lines:
Manufacturing and supply of food processing plants and turnkey basis for different capacities with latest technology at most competitive prices. We can supply the following different food processing lines on the turnkey basis of different capacities. Fruits & Vegetables Cashew Nut Processing Dehydration Plant. Plant Red Chilly Powder Plant Turmeric Processing Plant 

Bio-Diesel Plant:
Manufacturing a wide range of Bio Diesel Equipment. These are fabricated using superior quality and can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. The bio-diesel equipment are available in different capacities right from 500 kg per days to any capacity. The plant comprises of: Dehuller /Decorticator Seed Cleaner Oil Expeller And Filter Neutralization Plant Press 

Pickle Machinery:
Manufacturing a wide range of pickle machinery which is fabricated in accordance with the needs of our clients. Complying with various industrial standards, these machines are widely in demand in the commercial market. Raw Mango Skin Peeling Mango Cube Cutting Machine Machine Garlic Peeler Mango /Lemon Slicer 

Fruits & Vegetables Dehydration Machinery:
Manufacturing a wide range of fruits and vegetables dehydration machinery. These machines are used in various applications of food processing industry. Fabricated from best quality material, these arealso designed as per the specific requirements of clients. Solar Dryer Tray(electrical) Dryer Infra-red Dryer (ir-dryer) 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trade Mark rules 2017

New rules have notified. Some aspects:
Concessions to Start Ups, Individuals and Small Enterprises
The new rules offer 50% discount on the official fees for startups and SME’s (small and medium enterprises) with respect to filing an application for registration of a trademark and for expedited processing of an application for registration of a trademark. Filing an application for registration of a trademark is Rs. 5000 (Paper Filing) / Rs. 4500 (e-filing and expedited processing of an application for registration of a trademark is Rs. 20000 (e-filing only)
The applicant should be recognized as a startup by the competent authority under the Startup India initiative. To qualify as a small enterprise, the applicant’s investment in plants and machinery alone should not exceed ten crore rupees if the applicant is a manufacturer. However, if the applicant is a service provider, the investment in equipment in general should not exceed five crore rupees.
Unlike the Indian Patent Amendment Rules, 2016 where the applicant being a startup/individual/SME enjoys discounted costs for the entire life of a patent application and even subsequently thereafter, in respect of renewal of the patent, the Trademark Rules, 2017 has limited the discounts with regard to Startups/Individuals/SME’s only filing and expedited examination of the trademark application.